Zirconia - Let's discover it together

Zirconia is a rapidly growing material, whose intrinsic characteristics are still very little known. For this reason Orodent is always oriented towards research and development, fundamental activities that allow to improve the product, create new ones and above all improve the processes of production.

Thanks to the close relationship that binds us to Tosoh for many years, we are able to develop cutting-edge products, increasingly performing that are able to meet customer needs.

Our product philosophy consists of 4 fundamental elements:

1. Easy Working

2. Biocompatibility

3. High Aesthetic Value

4. Excellent Mechanical Characteristics



Raw Material - Powder Quality

For the production of Zirconia products, Orodent avails itself of the exclusive collaboration of the largest Japanese world supplier, TOSOH, which is able to guarantee the highest quality and characteristics suitable for surgical-medical use, in full compliance with the ISO standard. 13356 (Implants for surgery Ceramic materials based on Yttria – stabilized tetragonal Zirconia (Y-TZP);

Tosoh performs sample tests on the various types of Zirconia produced by Orodent in order to verify the quality of the product and allow us to use the special Logo 100 % TOSOH Manufacturer.




Orodent produces directly in its factories in Castelnuovo del Garda through a sophisticated double action uniaxial pressing program.

This system, entirely studied and developed by Orodent, allows to obtain homogeneous Density values in all parts of the block more than any other system. This characteristic makes Orodent production suitable for the realization of extended works with very high precision.



Quality Check

Orodent production process offers a high quality standard, ensured by a quality control system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 13485. All this translates into a guarantee of great value for the customer who intends to offer a high quality and risk-free performance.

The creation of the quality manual, the definition of specific work procedures and the collection of the documentation were the occasion to document in detail the high quality standards achieved by Orodent.

The confirmations received from all our customers over the years are the best demonstration of the excellent quality of Orodent products, in recognition of the enormous commitment that each member of the company puts into each role.

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